Runes of Magic sings you a song of a music festival


Returning to a former MMO may be like picking up an old song and learning the notes all over again. Maybe you haven’t set foot in Runes of Magic for years, but you might find yourself serenaded with the advent of the game’s music festival that’s running right now.

“As usual, many activities are planned for celebrating, in particular around Silverspring and Thunderhoof Hills,” said the team. “The managers can be found in Varanas and Dalanis, and they will wait for you with nine special activities. By participating you should keep the musical scores and musical notes you get, as you can later trade them for Julia’s Package.”

In addition to the festival and its assorted rewards, Runes of Magic also unloaded a patch that addressed some bugs and made adjustments to the monster cards that can be collected from battles.


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I remembered this game as the premier f2p alternative to wow during 2009 onwards