Red Dead Online opens up a new Rail Baron mode for capturing train cars

Choo, then when I say so, choo again.

The newest free roam event in Red Dead Online is all about being master of the railroad. No, this is not a mode in which you are whisked to a central, coastal city to decide which towns will get a rail station and which ones can languish in obscurity; instead, you’re trying to capture train cars by staying in their control zone for the longest period of time. You can get a free new hat that will make you look appropriately dapper for this particular event, though.

The update also adds in the new Public Enemy Showdown mode, in which both teams have a member designated as the Public Enemy and your goal is to take down that person. Points are scored by taking down the Public Enemy, but they’re also scored for each person taken down by the Public Enemy, and if you find a spare moment during the Showdown to release “Fear of a Black Planet” you will presumably also score some points. Focus on the first two things, though.


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