Star Trek Online’s Discovery Enterprise lockbox has captains in an uproar


It stands to reason that in a game called Star Trek Online, the most desirable starships of them all will be any that have had the name “Enterprise” slapped on the side. Cryptic is using this popularity to fuel the latest round of lockboxes — and players aren’t having it.

The Discovery-era Constitution-class (Enterprise) and Klingon D7 ships have been added to the game through ship lockboxes tucked inside research and development packs, a fact that’s greatly angered many players who want to outright buy these ships for their visuals and impressive stats. It doesn’t help that this format ends up with a much lower chance for any ship payout.

Cue the riots. Players aren’t happy with any part of Cryptic’s decision here, and they are not shy in expressing their discontent. It’s gotten so bad that the Star Trek Online sub mods are reportedly locking down threads and deleting posts that are “way out of line.”

One player’s wise words reminds us all of why lockboxes are a nasty proposition: “There is no upper limit to potential expenditure. A player could throw down upwards of $1,000 on these packs, yet the only ones smiling at the end of that investment could be Perfect World.”

Source: Star Trek Online, Reddit. Thanks Stoleviathan and Panagiotis !
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