Camelot Unchained’s weekly update talks battering rams, status persistence, and doors


If you’re looking to Storm the Gates (NSFW for language) of a keep, there’s little better a thing to use then a battering ram(-a-lam). Looks like using one in Camelot Unchained will be kind of period-appropriate in that it will require some teamwork to make it all happen.

The weekly update from the CU development front has informed the world that battering rams will have seven control points: six for pushing and one for using its ability, a damaging attack in an area in front of them. They will also need two people to move them, and they will move in a forward manner. So make some new friends if you want to bust down some doors.

Speaking of doors, new portal-style doors have been developed which should allow Keep defenders to exfiltrate their building without having to worry about an attacker getting in. Work is also been finished to have stance and build choices persist when logging in, respawning, or entering zones, which means players will not have to re-select everything if they decide to move from one area to the next. There’s also some updates on having attached items fall off of destroyed buildings more accurately, some visual effects work, and a number of bug fixes.

You can scour all of the details in the source link and also check out the usual end-of-week wrap-up video below, and make sure you check out our interview with Mark Jacobs for an overall look at where Camelot Unchained stands currently.


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Arthen Wolfsbane

Look forward to Camelot Unchained but given its release doesn’t likely seems to be happening until next year I suspect its likely it will be in contention with WoW classic for me . Whether I subscribe to it depends on how ensconced in WoW I have become in the next year . Had it released prior to “classic” it would have been the other way around .