Fortnite unvaults the revolver, tweaks gun balance in latest patch

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The latest Fortnite update is live, and it brings back from the vault everyone’s favorite big iron, the revolver, and continues the ongoing 14 Days of Summer event, on top of vaulting and unvaulting a handful of other weapons and making a variety of balance adjustments to a number of others. In addition to doing business with the reworked revolver, players can also arm themselves with a few other freshly unvaulted weapons, including the uncommon and rare pump shotguns, the suppressed SMG, and the shockwave grenade. With the unvaulting of the suppressed SMG, however, the devs have decided to vault the rare tactical assault rifle for the time being — “to make sure loot distribution in this class of item was well distributed” — which is being joined in the vault by impulse grenades, the rift-to-go, and the pirate cannon.

Moreover, a bunch of guns have received some balance adjustments, albeit mostly rather minor ones: The tactical shotgun has had its headshot multiplier increased from 2 to 2.25, the infantry rifle has had the clip size of its epic and legendary versions slightly increased, and the minigun and heavy assault rifle have both had their damage buffed a bit. Notably, though, the drumgun has received a significant nerf, with its clip size dropping from 50 to 40 and its fire rate being reduced from 9 to 8 in order to address the gun’s outperforming others in “unintended areas” and “create more counterplay in combat.” And in case you missed it yesterday, Fortnite’s 14 Days of Summer event continues today (and for the next two weeks) with a new daily LTM in Battle Royale and new daily quests in Save the World, so if you want to see everything the fortnight of festivities has to offer, be sure to check in before the day’s out.

Source: Patch Notes
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