Astellia invites you to enter the Colosseum in its latest trailer and heads for its next closed beta


Often in action combat MMOs, the story or world built around it is secondary — arguably tertiary — to the feeling of getting in to a fight. It seems that Astellia Online appreciates this, as its most recent trailer is all about the fight in the ring of a colosseum.

The Colosseum, according to the game’s wiki page, is a piece of group content that tasks players with surviving increasingly difficult waves of critters within a given time limit. It sounds like pretty standard stuff, but then if all you want to do is cleave through gobs of monsters, you’ll probably ignore any window dressing leading up to the brawl anyway.

As for Astellia’s current Western release, the team is winding down from its first closed beta round and is preparing itself for CBT 2. Dates and times for this next round of testing are yet to be determined, but the devs promise announcements in the next few weeks and even indicate that this second round of testing will offer up more chances to get invited. For now, you can watch a party whale away on monsters in the video below. Also, be sure to check out our first impressions piece if you’re looking for opinion on this upcoming release.

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Dug From The Earth

this is something I never understood why WoW didnt do.


…they sorta do with the occasional quest and instance events. But probably not to the extent as this.

Robert Mann

Watching the trailer, I feel like this was a miss on the chance for a crowd making a variety of comments (both positive and sarcastic) about the performance. I don’t mind the content style, just cannot imagine that such things would not be interesting (I’d really have fun if there were comment changes every so often, or an expanding pool of them to draw from).

Just me, maybe…


I really hope the developer listens to feedback and polishes the game properly because even in Korea it doesn’t seem like they’ve received a positive reception


Western client runs multitudes better than the Korean. My FPS never dropped below 45 and I averaged 60FPS spiking in the low 80s.


Ah I see. I did watch some Western YouTubers and the game seems to run very smooth.


Meh, I liked the trailer. But… from what I’ve seen of the combat, it won’t be quite that. Lol.

It’s not bad combat but, at least right now, it’s not great combat.

The animations are wonky, tab targeting is dominant, and there isn’t a smooth transition between your keypress and the resulting attack on the screen.

And yet, it’s not horrible. If and when it goes f2p, I’ll give it a try.