Nighthawk returns for players to hunt him down in Champions Online

Fight me, coward.

Players in Champions Online must now content with a fallen hero with the game’s newest event as Nighthawk returns once more. A former Champion himself, Nighthawk now has teams of armed mercenaries performing crimes, and players are tasked with hunting down these armed groups, putting them down, and collecting clues about the whereabouts of their once-heroic employer. The mercenaries have spread out, though, so players will have to do some searching.

Players will also be tasked with facing off against Nighthawk himself at these locales, and while it is possible to face off against him alone it would be exceedingly difficult. Still, successfully taking the fight to the fallen hero rewards various items, such as Questionite and new costume pieces for those tracking down the secrets involved in this mystery. The full event will run until August 1st, so jump on in and get ready to hunt for the fallen champion.

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