The Division 2 gives a video overview of everything new with Episode One


While those with Year One passes for The Division 2 are already enjoying everything new in the shooter’s latest update, everyone else still has to wait until July 30th to get theirs. That’s all right, though, because there’s plenty to look forward to according to this trailer. Also, we get the benefit of having guides for raid content written for us.

The features of Episode One are things we’ve covered before, such as two new main missions that take players to the outskirts of Washington, D.C., at Manning National Zoo and Camp White Oak, new PvE Investigations, and a couple of Classified Assignments for those with a Year One pass, some new Exotics, crafting adjustments, and more. Plenty of these features and other bits of housekeeping were covered in the State of the Game post written earlier this week.

Before even that, though, there’s more free stuff to get. Players who login between now and August 13th will get a Care Package full of equipment, apparel cases, and an adorable backpack trophy.

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Dug From The Earth

So apparently Division 2’s end game is suffering from the same issues Anthem is. It just took players longer to realize it was a mess because everything up until end game wasnt nearly affected by the issue it has.

Namely: The loot system is awful.

Players with hundreds (and even over a thousand) hours, with over 30,000 loot drops, still cant find items they need or want to make even ONE build (the game supports many different builds).

Apparently this is all due to the games HUGE RNG system.

For example

-You first need to find the exact armor piece you want (rng)
-When you find the armor piece you want, it needs to be the set you want (rng)
-When its the right piece and the right set, it needs to have the right trait(or whatever) on it (RNG)
-When its the right piece, set, with the right trait, it needs to have as many stats on it that you need (I think it can have up to somthing like 5 stats?). (RNG)
-When its the right piece, set, trait, with the right stats, the actual VALUE for the stats can be high or low (RNG). Its possible to find a max level item with stats lower than an much lower level item. (RNG!!!)
– And finally, after you have managed to find all that, it needs to have the right colored “sockets” to attach mods on it. Wrong colored sockets are often 100% worthless to certain builds, like a socket that only lets you put defensive mods, when its a DPS build.

Players with hundreds of hours are claiming to have never seen a stat that was max on an item.. .ever.

Players with hundreds of hours going weeks and weeks without finding any item that is even a 1% upgrade to what they currently have (and they arent even near being maxed out).

Weapons are just as depressing, because you can find max gear score weapon (500) that have ridiculously lower damage than the SAME exact weapon thats a much lower gear score. RNG!!!

Its making a lot of the traditional looter gamers get really bummed out and leave the game. Basically a lot of the same reasons the looter gamers left anthem.

I think Division 2 just managed to slip past the spot light because Anthem was getting all the hate… I really hope the devs do something soon.

Here is a 41 page thread on the ubisoft forums started in May that has posts up through last week. If you plan to read it, id suggest skipping a good portion of the middle. People really start to give detailed examples of the issue around page 37