The Division 2 opens up early access to its first episode


Ready to explore more story in The Division 2? You can do so starting today with the early access launch of Episode 1, including access to two new story missions and the first Investigation Area of the new PvE experience. Lots of fun stuff to do, then, assuming you have a season pass for this portion of the game. If not… well, you’ll have to just wait for another week and hope that any friends who do have early access won’t rub it in.

On the bright side, though, everything else in the update is available for all players, including skill reworkings and balance changes. There are new weapons and exotics, new crafting options… lots of stuff to enjoy if you’re willing to wait a little bit to get all of the new stuff available with the story updates, so that’s good. Of course, players with the season pass don’t need to wait in the first place, so… you know, work that one out.

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It was if millions of gamers went ‘meh’ and then went back to playing other games whose devs weren’t completely clueless.

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Well poop, now I have even more to catch up with. Guess I’ll put PoE/GW2 on hold for a bit so I can play catchup in Division 2, especially if it means I can get more outfits to play dress-up with.