Crowfall’s 5.100 update, The Fortunes of War, is officially live for pre-alpha testers


A flurry of excitement has spread across the Crowfall forums today as update 5.100, more colorfully known as The Fortunes of War, has just gone live for pre-alpha testers. There’s gobs of content in this update, most notably the embargo system that allows players to move their gear “seamlessly” between worlds, magic loot rewards on monsters, unique campaign rulesets, the codified account bank known as the Vault, the Fae Knight, and of course the safe-zone God’s Reach world type and social hub that should make learning the ropes of the game much less painful for new players.

“As the game moves closer and closer to Alpha, we’re working to finalize key systems that support the core game loop. As part of this update, The Fortunes of War, a key focus for the team is ensuring new player success. To support new player engagement (and teach them the game!), we designed a new world type, God’s Reach, which offers players a safe and engaging world in which they can learn the basics of leveling, harvesting, crafting and combat. The narrative idea behind this world — and the fact that it is protected from PvP — is that this world is under the protection of the Gods, and that the player has been recruited here in the afterlife to prepare themselves to fight as a divine champion in the Sundering, the Final Battle.”

ArtCraft is planning its live ACE Q&A this afternoon at 5 p.m. EDT, and naturally, it’s slated to be all about the latest update with “a sneak peek or two at what’s in the pipeline” too.

Source: Official forums, known issues, press release

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The whiners will probably get to this one too.

Turn it into some Hippie love in PVE circle jerk.

MMO’s are dead.


I like the artstyle, but animation seems a bit junky. Still hoping for a good game to enjoy.


I know it’s still pre-alpha, which it’s been for years at this point, but it really feels like this game needs to land in a big way. Anytime I’ve gone to log in, I can’t find any other players.

My 2 cents is they should have ditched all the PvE progression, and focussed solely on providing a PvP experience where new and old players are on even footing. Trim the fat as if were. Certainly seems like it would have sped up development.

With the world resets, one of the most comprable games I can think of is Foxhole, which has weeks to months long campaigns that eventually end. Levels/ranks are purely cosmetic and don’t make you any more powerful, so everyone can immediately be useful in any role.