Here are all of the Lord of the Rings Online events for the rest of the year


Is it too early to start making Christmas plans? Have you got everything you need for Bilbo’s birthday? What about going shopping for Durin’s Day? You really need to update your Amazon wish list for that one.

Lord of the Rings Online recently revised and updated its event schedule for the remainder of 2019, giving players plenty of time to mark their calendars and prepare for these festivals and celebrations. Some of the more notable ones include the Farmer’s Faire (August 21st through September 10th), Tale of the Shipwrecked Mariner (September 16th through the 20th), Bilbo’s Birthday (September 20th through the 26th), Harvestmath (October 15th through November 5th), Durin’s Day (October 18th through the 22nd), and Yuletide (December 12th through January 7th).

In other news, one sharp-eyed player noted that Standing Stone Games slipped a new chicken play quest into the game with the last patch. The mission? Run as a defenseless chicken to the Vale of Anduin in eight hours or less!


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Yuletide is the only MMO Christmas event I’ve ever enjoyed, so I’m looking forward to that as well as trying the others. I was too new to get to Weatherstock this year but I’ll definitely be there for the next.