Guild Season 7 kicks off in Albion Online with new challenges and mount skin seasonal rewards


Today marks the moment in Albion Online where guilds can duke it out for bragging rights, glory, and very likely a whole bunch of shinies. Season 7 of the sandbox MMORPG is officially underway, offering up all of the new GvG-related mechanics and challenges and even some unique seasonal rewards to earn in the form of mount skins.

That’s right, mount skin rewards are now a thing in Albion Online, and they look pretty nice. Those who take up August’s Divine Challenge by earning points from open-world activities like gathering, fishing, farming, and monster slaying will unlock a Divine Stag mount skin, while those who refer up to five friends to play the game will unlock a heckin’ sheepdog mount oh goodness it’s so cute I can’t handle it.

Season 7’s first Invasion Day is today and the rest of the GvG season will run through Saturday, October 26th. Scoring for the new season begins tomorrow, August 4th, with a second Invasion Day on August 31st and a third Invasion Day and doubled point scoring on September 28th.