Albion Online introduces challenges and consolidated timers with today’s GvG patch


The seventh season of GvG in Albion Online is getting some pretty big shifts with the introduction of Guild Challenges. Players can head out into the world and just… gather, or fish, or smack wildlife. Doing so acquires challenge points, and acquiring enough of those leads to season points being awarded along the way. Combine this with the fact that GvG timers are being consolidated so it’s less reasonable for players to fight in multiple skirmishes per day and you’ll find that the overall impact of gameplay has (presumably) shifted.

The patch is also changing things like disallowing Mercenaries for regular GvG gameplay, reducing castle window vulnerabilities, and introducing castle outposts. Players not terribly concerned about the GvG scene can also enjoy bug fixes, changes to item sorting functionality, and new access rights to items for alliance members. Check out the full rundown of changes if you need to adjust your guild’s strategy in this particular season, or if you just like looking at how the PvP functions from a curiosity perspective.

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What was not so fun is the fact that they made my favorite skill level 70, kind of made all the cost and trouble of making an artifact pointless.