RuneScape invites players to test out bank and weapon diversity changes

A weapon!

Sometimes updates cover two important aspects of a game that just don’t mesh up very well. Such is the case with today’s RuneScape update available for testing now. The bank placeholder system is part of a larger improvement and expansion to the game’s inventory system allowing you cleaner withdrawals from your bank and easier overall management. Weapon diversity, meanwhile, is all about choosing between different weapons not just for stats but because weapons have certain inherent properties.

So, yeah, the two don’t really coincide except for the fact that both can be tested by players now, hopefully giving players incentive to handle their inventories while also making the choice between a shortsword and a rapier one of careful consideration between the weapons. There are instructions as well as explanations of all the granular changes in place on the official site for those who want to test with full knowledge… or those who just want to test with no concern for the details.

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Weapon diversity changes? Did they remove Black weapons?