Ryzom tests multi-language chat translator and whips up a new map


The oddly flavored alien fantasy MMORPG Ryzom has been running a marathon for a good long while now, and so far its crazy legs haven’t run out of steam. In fact, the team sent out a notice to make sure we knew that there’s some interesting stuff coming for this title.

Ryzom is still alive and has a lot of projects in mind,” the team said on Twitter. “We are currently testing the ingame integration of DeepL translator, creating a new playing map, and preparing [the] next season!” The translator in question is a chat function that allows people to type in their own language and have it automatically translated into the native language of other players’ clients. Neat!

August is a busy month in terms of in-game events for Ryzom. The Fairhaven Market is coming on August 24th and 25th, and throughout all of August, premium accounts are enjoying a gift package of 5,000 choice token, a “Water Bomb Specialist” title, and a fully charged water bomb to toss at other players.

Source: Twitter, Ryzom

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