Dauntless previews its upcoming loadout swapping feature due in September


Pursuing certain monsters or items in Dauntless can sometimes require you to change up your kit, whether you’ve got a set of equipment specially built for breaking parts or a build that utilizes a certain weapon type the best. Before, you had to manually shift from build to build, replacing each piece of armor and weapon in turn, but soon you’ll be able to apply a loadout with the simple press of a button.

As you would expect with the feature, loadouts let you save weapons, armor, their respective mods and cells, transmogs, consumables, and dyes. The more style-minded character options such as emotes, flares, and banners aren’t tied to a loadout, so the objectively best island arrival will persist no matter which build you have active.

Loadouts are expected to come to Dauntless with patch 0.9.3 in early September. Why the delay? According to Phoenix Labs, it’s because the team may have lost sight in getting updates and features out before they’re ready. “Recently, in an effort to get content into the hands of the community as quickly as possible, we’ve shipped features in a rougher state than we are proud of,” reads the announcement post. “As a studio, Phoenix Labs endeavours to always deliver high quality content, and loadouts as a feature required more time to polish than we anticipated.”

In other Dauntless news, the team is also continuing to strengthen its cross-platform play. To that end, Phoenix Labs has acquired Bot School Inc., a company with “experience in building and scaling the platforms and social systems integral to some of the biggest games in the industry.” The acquisition will reportedly help the Dauntless devs expand the online action RPG’s cross-play and cross-save features.

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It’s a lovely game to jump in for short gaming sessions e.g. in between changing baby diapers…