Mechwarrior Online shares details for the unofficial player-run 2019 Comp Championship Series


Did you know that EVO, the massive fighting game esports tournament, started as a smaller community thing? Back then it was called Battle by the Bay and featured 40 competitors. I bring this up because smaller, player-run esports tournaments are pretty awesome. That’s not to imply that the Comp Championship Series (MWOCS) for Mechwarrior Online is going to turn into giant stompy robot EVO, but it’s still cool to see events like this get nurtured.

The 2019 edition of the MWOCS is soon to be underway, with the first rounds of invitational competition happening on August 31st and October 7th, along with an in-game competitive queue running between now and Tuesday, October 22nd. The top 4 teams from the NA and EU regions after seeding will join the top 10 from the competitive queue for semi-final action between October 26th and November 23rd, and the grand finals will go down during the weekends of December 7th and 14th for the Minors and Majors respectively.

There are a number of prizes up for grabs for this event, but since this is a player-run tournament, the event organizers are also open to some help. Those who are able to donate creations or time to the event are invited to reach out via Discord, or fans can subscribe or cheer to the event’s Twitch channel. Be sure to also check the source link for rules, Twitch and YouTube channels, the event’s Discord link, and other details.


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Its kind of sad that the players had to organize this. Dont think the company has the money to run an official one. They basically had an online forum recently where they said they were discontinuing making new mech packs because they weren’t making enough money. They basically saying MWO inst paying its own bills and everything rides on their COOP Mechwarrior 5 game for the company. Of which they went Epic exclusive. Think alot of people cancelled their preorders after that announcement. Have no idea how this game will keep going in the future. Which is a shame i rather like it.


Yeah and usually PGI had it’s competition final at Mechcon in Vancouver, but that isn’t happening this year either, instead Paradox is hosting it in Germany as they now own Harebrained Schemes, the company that made Battletech, set in the same universe as MWO.

This has led some to be very disenchanted by anything PGI touches in wake of the switcheroo from steam to epic.