ArcheAge teases the upcoming Swiftblade skillset

Dark and subtle.

We’re sorry, but there’s not a whole lot to go on just yet about ArcheAge’s upcoming Swiftblade set. We’ve got a video tease right here via Twitter, and that’s enough to know what it’ll be about, but we don’t yet have cool pictures or exact details. Still, it should be enough to know that it’s all about being swift with blades, right?

No, that’s not nearly enough. Swift with blades and going unseen? Yes, it’s that sort of skillset; players will gain the ability to strike with paired blades from stealth to tremendous impact, with the video showing off the spinning and flashy swordwork for the new skillset.

What information we do have about Swiftblade at the moment comes from the game’s Korean version, with player videos showing off how the tree works in action. It’s also important to note that this increases the class combinations for the game to 220 via this additional set. It’s also coming to both versions of the game, including the buy-to-play Unchained version, so you’ll be able to enjoy your swiftness of blade however you choose to enjoy the game.

Source: Twitter
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