Conan Exiles shows off new Blood and Sand goodies and announces a return to normal decay values


Are you ready for Blood and Sand? Well, more blood and sand than there already is in Conan Exiles, which looks like a place that already has a surfeit of both of these things. More specifically, though, the Blood and Sand DLC is adding a bunch of new building pieces to help players construct their own arenas, which is probably what the DLC’s name is referencing.

Yes, players can build their own deadly battle arenas — or whatever else they want, obviously — with 29 new tier 3 building pieces designed around the venue aesthetic. Of course, there’s more than just colosseum building in this DLC; there’s also 19 new weapon skins and new weapons and armor to look forward to. What’s not coming back, however, are god powers, as the devs still feel like some exploit fixing is required before they come back.

All of these DLC goodies and a new patch are arriving to all platforms on Tuesday, September 3rd. Players can get a look at what’s coming in the Testlive patch notes, in the livestream embed below, or in this handy livestream summary. Speaking of important dates, the decay timer is returning back to normal on Friday, September 6th, as the summer break season winds to a close.

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