Dauntless adds loadouts and improved crafting in patch, unveils a new weapon during Nintendo Direct


There’s some new stuff to look forward to in the world of Dauntless, both in the game’s latest patch and in the near future. For now, players can create loadouts, chase some exotic Repeaters, and enjoy the quality-of-life improvements in a new crafting UI, while later on players will get to punch a Behemoth with some upcoming new weapons.

First off, the patch: Update 0.9.3 has introduced its loadouts feature to let Slayers put together up to 15 customized builds. It also has made several visual improvements to the crafting UI, which now lists where to find components needed to create or upgrade an item, shows what type of Cell slots an item has, and even shows off an item’s level. There are also some new visual indicators for when an item is ready to be upgraded, cannot be upgraded, or is at its maximum level. Finally, this patch brings the Twin Suns exotic Repeaters, which are the first exotic weapons players can get blueprints for by purchasing them at Lady Luck’s shop for 1,000 Steel Marks.

Now, the new weapon: Say hello to Aether Strikers, a new weapon type that is part of planned updates that were shown off during yesterday’s Nintendo Direct showcase. These fist weapons will let Slayers clock a Behemoth right in its big ugly mouth (or ankle, depending on its size) and are “coming soon,” along with a new NPC known as the Scarred Master, the Tempestborne Stormclaw hunt, and Evolving Armor. That segment of the Direct can be found in the embed below.

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