LOTRO promises that Riders of Rohan won’t hit progression servers before next year

Hold your horses


So back when Lord of the Rings Online originally launched the progression servers last November, Standing Stone Games said that it would unlock subsequent expansions about every four months. However, the far more rapid rollout of the past two expansions have left some of the community perturbed as they scramble to keep up with the content flow.

In a rather scathing but well-worded post on the forums, one kinship officer condemned SSG’s poor communication and begged for a slower expansion rollout that is tested better in advance. “The trouble is, we don’t know anything about the release schedule, at all,” the player wrote. “The last two expansions have been released with less than a day’s notice on the forums. This is easily the biggest complaint I have, and the one that causes us the most strife within our community.”

SSG’s Johnny Liu replied to the post with this assurance: “I wanted to let you all know that Rohan is not planned until 2020. You are correct to point out that the last two releases, Mirkwood and Isengard, were not in line with the original advertised timeline. I have seen some rumblings about Rohan’s release, so to reiterate, Rohan will not come until 2020.”


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I quit LotRO due to Wow Classic. Classic gave me what I asked for, despite me really disliking WoW and thoroughly disliking Blizzard.

Imho, SSG failed badly with the LS. The content flow is much too fast (at this rate, people will catch up to live servers within 2 years tops), dificulty/challenge has not increased one bit (no, 20% xp rate debuff is not challenging/hard), inconvenience so conveniently introduced just so we can buy convenience from a very convenient store with a plethora of store buttons and reminders conveniently placed all over the screen, crafting has not been reset to what it once was, PvP has not been introduced at all, …

No, this is a very poor attempt at a ‘vanilla’ experience and players soon figured it out. Ithil has 100-150 players on a good day, Anor has 200-300 players at peak times (festival launches not taken into account).

I haven’t logged in since Classic launched, but I’m honestly curious about the population of the Legendary servers.

They should hav given people what they asked for; a vanilla experience. Not a soft reset which will soon catch up to ‘live’ servers.

Edit: reading the forum I found the answer to my questions; Anor, the bigger of the 2 LS servers had an average pop of 98 pre-launch of RoI. So sad, this could have been such a great experience.

mags who

It needed to be at a more relaxed place than this . Its left a lot of people behind and they have already given up . I think they had one shot at this and they blew it . The base game should have been six months followed by 4-5 months on each full expansion and slightly less on a mini expansion like Mirkwood . They should have been clear about the timeline for releases and they should have stuck to that timeline .


How hard would it be to have two servers with different timelines and for the timelines to released at opening. Maybe one could be fast like now with releases and the other slower 8 months between expansions and 6 months for quest packs or whatever they call them .


My guess is they would not want to further divide populations like that. Plus, if they did have servers at different speeds, they would still be too fast or too slow for some players.

Hikari Kenzaki

January 2nd, 2020 ;)

Roger Melly

I thought that it was meant to be six months between expansions , the rapid role out really put me off the progression servers . I think they already have lost of a lot of players because of this .

And even if Rohan isn’t out till 2020 thats only another 3 and a half months potentially .


6 months may have been a bit too long. I don’t remember them saying it would be on that kind of schedule.

4 months, though, would probably have been ok for these past expansions. Especially if they had managed to communicate clearly an actual timeline so people couple plan out how they wanted to play.

As it is, “information” about when the expansions would hit has only been given (or hinted at) through the livestreams and only about a week in advance. Which is far from ideal.

Vincent Clark

The last roll out was only given a 1-2 day notice, with zero promo/media attention if the official forums are anything to go by.