Antares Open World is an outrageously ambitious new MMO sandbox being built with SpatialOS


Let’s take a quick break for what’s fast becoming MMO Anniversary Week around here for a peek at a brand-new MMO still on the horizon: It’s called Antares Open World, and it’s new to our pages, having just been profiled by Improbable as one of many games being built with SpatialOS. Here’s the pitch:

“Antares Open World (AOW) is a hybrid open-world MMO RPG agent simulation, based on a 4X strategy and survival player-driven sandbox concept. It follows the natives of Antaria, a civilization driven by conspiracy theories, hard facts and ideologies, in a world seemingly swayed by myths and legends. In Antares Open World, reality and perception will become blurred. Trade wisely, because nothing is how it seems. Get to the bottom of mysteries. Question postulated facts. Trust no one. Antares Open World will take you into an ancient world where you have to draw your own conclusions, decipher messages, and rewrite Antarian world history.”

Developer Jan Ohlmann warns that it isn’t going to be a casual-friendly title – that the “goal is for it to become one of the most complex MMOs of tomorrow,” and by that he’s referring to what sounds like a true virtual world simulation with a focus on meaningful decisions in a detailed ecosystem. The downside is it’s a long way from completion and still in search of more devs, with a Kickstarter coming “in the next few years.”

Latest video right here:

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