Foxbat takes over the final week of Champions Online anniversary antics

I'm not him! I don't even look like him!

The final week of the 10th anniversary event for Champions Online has finally arrived, as all good things must come to an end. But this one’s coming to an end in a way that may feel wholly predictable by having Foxbat come in just to screw around with the event across the board. What did he do? What can you earn by foiling his plot? What awaits you within this final week? You’ll have to play because even the official site isn’t giving this one away.

You will definitely get a little Foxbat action figure for logging in, of course; that much is clear. But beyond that? You’ll have to take part to learn all of the event’s secrets. That’s part of the fun, after all. Jump in and see how everything wraps up after a decade of operation if you’re curious. (That is, the event is wrapping up. The game will still be there.)

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