WRUP: Things Kyle’s mom does not actually let him do edition

WRUP: Things Kyle’s mom does not actually let him do edition

Stay up as late as he wants: Kyle’s mom has a bedtime for him that’s actually earlier than yours. Kyle is just a little… well, we’re not going to say what Kyle is, you shouldn’t be using that language, but she’s said that he doesn’t respect the rules and it’s not worth fighting over one extra hour.

Watch all the TV he wants: Kyle smashed the actual remote with a hammer and installed an app on his phone that allows him to control the TV. His mom and dad mostly use VOD streaming services these days, but they got a cheap cable bundle. Have you ever noticed he doesn’t actually watch that much TV?

Own a horse: He doesn’t own any horses, he just has feral horses wander onto his property and he claims they’re his. How often have you seen him ride one?

Spread Vaseline on his face and headbutt the mailman: Does… does Kyle actually do that? Sweetie, you need to actually tell me if Kyle does that. This isn’t funny. You’re scaring mommy.

Answer What Are You Playing: He what? Go to your room, young lady, I need to have a talk with Kyle’s mom. Mommy’s not mad at you, she’s just worried.

Bonus question: What did you do when you were a kid that your parents told you not to do?

Andrew Ross (@dengarsw): Finally able to make an ex raid in Pokemon Go but… I can’t remember if this is still Deoxys or Mewtwo again. Also some Mario Kart Tour.

Parents told me not to do anything. Don’t sit so close to the TV, read late at night, talk to stranger animals, run in the house, watch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles… man, I still don’t follow any of their advice!

Andy McAdams: Probably World of Warcraft here and dipping into Final Fantasy XIV to say hello.

Bonus Question: Um, I can’t really think of anything? Is that bad? I don’t feel like I was a ‘follow all the rules’ kinda kid… but I can’t think or anything I did that I was explicitly told not to.

Brianna Royce (@nbrianna, blog): I’ve got a bunch of Star Wars Galaxies Legends and Guild Wars 2 to catch up on, so I’ll probably do a bit of that this weekend. But I’ve been sick all week too and I’m dying to get out of here and into the sun, so forgive me if I do that instead!

I used to get in trouble for reading at the dinner table. I thought I was pretty slick figuring out ways to hide my book on my leg where they couldn’t see. I wasn’t.

Chris Neal (@wolfyseyes, blog): Well, Dauntless has gone 1.0 and I absolutely need to punch me some Behemoths, so that absolutely will feature. I’m also going to be leveling some alt classes in FFXIV and being a jerkwad goose in Untitled Goose Game as my palate cleanse. Seriously, that game is all sorts of charming.

I was one of those kids who didn’t disobey his parents. Navy household, strict rules, and being a generally boring human being overall will do that.

Eliot Lefebvre (@Eliot_Lefebvre, blog): My Final Fantasy XIV leveling is properly finished finally, which means that now I can do other things. Like spend the weekend playing Greedfall, WoW Classic, Untitled Goose Game, and maybe Astellia. I may also be seduced by the siren song of Code Vein because I am an idiot and it looks like my jam even though, like, I have games to play. Again: Idiot.

My mom tended to be very strict and overprotective with rules, so I had a tendency to find just the right spaces to occupy wherein I was technically obeying the rules but also not. My most common bits of disobedience tended to involve bedtime, like observing that I had to be in bed and have the lights off by a certain time, but there was no rule about reading by moonlight.

I wonder why I still have insomnia issues.

Justin Olivetti (@Sypster, blog): With Lord of the Rings Online’s next expansion a month away, I really need to clean up quests and get my main character fully prepped for some Minas Morgul action. I also started a new Kul Tiras Druid that I’m having fun with in World of Warcraft, so that’s where I’m going when I want to heal people and then burn them to death with moonlight.

Mia DeSanzo (@neschria): I have a lot of family obligations this weekend, but if I have time, I will probably curl up in a blanket and play Skyrim.

When I was very small and was told not to touch something, I would put one finger on it and stand there waiting to be noticed.

Samon Kashani (@thesamkash): This weekend will largely be an Ashes of Creation: Apocalypse one. There will likely be some Guild Wars 2 saga time in there too.

Bonus: Playing with fire! You don’t want me to light things up? Impossible! Sneak a lighter from the ash tray and let’s have some fun in the backyard.

Tyler Edwards: More Mass Effect: Andromeda, most likely.

Bonus question: I’ve always been a complete goody two-shoes, and I had very permissive parents, so not much comes to mind in the realm of parental defiance. Did get in trouble with my teachers sometimes, though. I went to a small private school in the middle of the woods in the country (think less fancy prep school and more hippie commune). Our biggest rule was not to go “past the boundaries” and off school property, because presumably the deep woods might be dangerous.

But of course we did it anyway. Only went past the boundaries once or twice, but I remember it being a grand adventure. Beautiful scenery. Saw an otter at one point.

My punishment was the next day I had to stay in and do extra math problems instead of playing during recess, but it was pouring rain the next day, and back then I actually liked math. Win-win.

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The Weeb formerly known as Sray
The Weeb formerly known as Sray

Decided to log into DC Universe Online for the first time in a few years, and… Huston, we’ve found an MMO with worse monetization than SWTOR (also still playing a pinch of that from time to time). Wow… just wow. They’ve added in this thing called combat relevancy, which is basically the opposite of level/power scaling: that means instead of using scaling to keep old content relevant, they cut off any sort of reward for running content that is at a lower gear tier than your character. The idea behind this is to force players into buying DLC episode packs, as there is only a thimble full of free content at max level (30 is max, and easily achievable in about 10 to 12 hours play time), as opposed to encouraging players to buy DLCs: so you end up spending hundreds of dollars on content that becomes largely useless within a few days if you’re not running multiple toons, whish is even more difficult -and potentially costly- to do given how grindy the game is. Since everything is a daily at level 30, that means once you run out of your pinch of free daily content there is nothing left of any sort for you to do if don’t own the tier appropriate DLC episodes, or if you won’t pay to reset your daily rewards. I don’t see myself spending any significant time in the game, but I’m going to run around for a while leveling up a Batman inspired toon because they’re selling Batman chest emblems this weekend (something they refused to do for years) and I have a little bit of Station Cash left from when I played the game regularly, about a hundred million years ago.

I think I’ve finally given up on Control: I’m not ashamed to admit that for as much as I love, play, and talk about video games, I’m very bad at them; and Control is proving just too difficult for me. More than any other game I’ve played in the last 5 or 6 years, combat requires you to always be moving, and it’s just too overwhelming for me. I’ve never really gotten a strong sense of accomplishment out of beating super tough things in video games: where other people get this great sense of relief and achievement from finally beating a boss that took 20 tries over several hours, I just carry a sense of frustration that lessens my enjoyment of however much of the game experience that remains. Unless Remedy rolls out difficulty modes post launch (unlikely as they say they don’t even have the resources for a new game plus), it looks like I’m going to have to let this one go. That’s a shame, but I can definitely still say it’s a game that’s worth a shot… at least, if you don’t suck like me.

Okay, enough whining, there is some good gaming news from me: I’m in love with Greedfall. I describe this game to friends as a game with 50 million dollars of ambition on a 5 million dollar budget that manages to fulfill about 40 million worth of that ambition. From the standpoint of technical proficiency and game play mechanics, the game deserves that roughly 7.5 Metacritic score (although on occasion it is one of the best looking games I’ve seen in a long time), but the depth of the quests in this game is absolutely astounding. Even the random side quests have a level of depth in their stories that would match or even surpass most other RPGs’ primary campaigns. That is not an exaggeration: I spent over an hour helping a merchant get a permit to sell his goods because I forgot that it was only a side thing, and thought that I was running a main quest because of the various twists and turns of the story. I’m definitely finding a lot of fun in actually playing the game, but it is in the stories of the quests that this game truly shines. If you’re okay with a bit of janky-ness and occasional graphical oddities in your RPGs, and on the lookout for something with amazing quests, I cannot recommend Greedfall highly enough.

That’s it for me. I’m off to be bad at games, and maybe binge that last few episodes of O Maidens in Your Savage Season and DanMachi before the next season of anime begins, and I fall even further behind on even more things that I inexplicably feel the need to watch yet make very little time to do so. Have yourselves some good luck, good health, and good gaming folks. I’m out.

Kickstarter Donor

I feel you. I’m reaching that point where I just start every game in Easy mode and feel bitter about it. But with as many games as are out there, who has time to actually be good at any of them?

Kickstarter Donor
Brazen Bondar

Grinding the 3rd of 8 characters to Command Level 300 in SWTOR before the release of Onslaught.. I have accepted the fact I will not get all 8 to level 300 and that my brain will explode if I try to grind a fourth one. It’s all good, I haven’t been achievement oriented in SWTOR, which is a marked departure for my game playing style, but it might be an old age thing. I just don’t care any more about those kinds of achievements.

Bonus question: My older sister was a bad influence on the younger kids. Once my mom put her in charge and told us to stay in the house while she went out. Of course, shortly after she left my sister said “Let’s go out.” I knew we shouldn’t have but I went anyway. Ended up slipping on some glass on the sidewalk, falling under a car and breaking my arm. My genius sister said “Don’t tell mom!” And we tried to hide the fact that my arm was broken!!! The next morning when my arm was the size of my leg…my mom marched me up to the hospital where a cast was applied. I spent the entire summer in a cast and couldn’t go to the pool or do anything fun. Guess mom decided that was punishment enough and she didn’t say a word about it. That was enough for me…thereafter, follow the rules was my motto. I’m still looking at my sister sideways and that was so long ago most of you weren’t born yet.

IronSalamander8 .

I was a pretty boring kid so I never got into too much trouble, unless a friend talked me into it.

Mount Steep was added to BfN and am almost done with this latest plant free roam zone, the 2nd zombie one, their version of town center arrives next week along with a lot of balance and bug fixes.

The final boss in Mount Steep was a large robot/cheese/Imp thing that I battled in an erupting cheese volcano which the zombies were trying to force to erupt so all the good people of Neighborville would awash in hot cheese so their brains would be tastier. I LOVE this game!

Yesterday went to the local board game meetup and got to play War of the Worlds, Space Base, Disney’s Villainous, and Core Worlds. All good stuff and while I’m not a huge Disney fan, Villainous was really fun. I bought the core box and the 1st expansion and we played it right there in the store, the 2nd expansion I’ll be getting next meet up.


WoW Classic. Shaman is 30, but waiting on some family members to catch up. Rogue is 28, slogging through the miserable war in Hillsbrad.

As a kid I liked to sink bottles in the stock pond with my bb gun. Dad told me not to. Grandpa told me not to. I still stupidly did it.


Dammit Kyle.

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So most of my upcoming work travel got canceled because of either customer construction issues or equipment availability (stuff on back order) so now I’m in town (probably) for the next couple of weeks and so I turned FFXIV back on.
We went to the gulf for vacation last week and all I brought was my laptop and played a little LoH: TitS. It was a relaxing vacation with a house right on the beach for the first four days. However, nobody told us they were going to be restoring the beach, so the last 48 hours we were there, they put a construction fence up in front of the house, blocking access to the beach, and from that point on it was non-stop bulldozers shaking the house and beepbeepbeep reversing night and day until we left. It was neat to watch them do it from a scientific point of view, with the dredger and pumps and piping, but we also didn’t sleep for those last two days. Trying to get some money back for that.

Bonus: When I was a kid, I was quite the shit to my little sister, constantly doing the “I’m not touching you…” Eventually she’d get pissed off, yell at me to stop, and then mom would yell at her for being so loud. I was the good one you see.

Loyal Patron
Patreon Donor

I got a gaming laptop this week, and although I’m using my existing HD as an external attached drive, I’ve only relinked the games I’m immediately playing. So I’ve re-setup Conan Exiles, Overwatch, and Borderlands 3.


Feeling a little lost. I have too many games to play but none of them seem to grab my attention right now. I’m floating between MMOs, unable to find one to settle in. I think it’s because I lack any real in-game goals. I might go poke around SWTOR before my sub runs out. It feels like I’m sailing rudderless and it’s quite frustrating.

I never really had any rules as a child. I’ve had anxiety disorders my whole life, which means I was a quiet child who generally didn’t cause any fuss.
That’s not to say I never caused trouble. Once I carved a name into our table and was found out because out of me + my mother’s boyfriend’s children, my mom knew I was the only one who could spell properly. I was most displeased to be found out that way.

Bryan Correll

Feeling a little lost.

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Too many games are demanding my attention this weekend with events and such so:

1. Going to play at least 9 more matches of SMITE so I can get the ‘Unlimited’ Artio community event skin.

2. Going to see how feasible it’ll be to level up to level 7 on Ashes of Creation: Apocalypse since they’re dangling a dragon mount in folks’ faces. Figure I might as well see how it’s coming along as well since I didn’t really touch it yet and I did back it.

3. Dead By Daylight’s doing double bloodpoints this weekend too, so… probably gonna be grinding some matches.

4. FFXIV and the PvP/leveling grind. WAR/DRK are post-50 now, DRG and AST are low 30’s and those are the four jobs I have left that need to hit 60. One pair of knives away from my NIN getting his Silver Wolf set completed, and then it’s basically needing to buy the full sets for DRK/WAR/DRG and then getting my AST his weapon (62k Wolf Marks total). Also need 14 more wins in Feast and less than that in total wins between Feast/Frontline for the two GARO mounts I still want. Probably gonna have this be lower priority this weekend since there’s still a few weeks ’til 5.1 but not gonna completely slack off since those Wolf Marks won’t earn themselves and 5.1’s release date could be anywhere from 2-5 weeks away.

Malcolm Swoboda
  • World of Warcraft Classic (Lv 22 Human Retribution Paladin, Deviate Delight PVP-RP Eastern server) – Nah, I slowed down :). Did some rushes through Redridge quests, but didn’t finish it. Also wanted some variety so with the retail 8.2.5 patch I made a female worgen druid alt and casually went through Gilneas. I rarely play females, I practically never have interest in druids, and the new female worgen aesthetic doesn’t totally jive with me (I still prefer the alpha version they had before ruining it with Cata release, but this isn’t terrible, just not my taste and imo too wildly different from the males), but I decided to make a character that used a naming convention very different from my usual – I almost always do manipulations of my real name, but this time I did a combination of the similar names that all 3 female huskies in my family have, being reminded as I’m taking care of the youngest this weekend – and have a nice roleplaying alt that feels more anonymous.

    My sub ran out and I’m unsure if I’ll sub again soon, but I had fun enough that whenever I sub to a game next, it’ll likely be WoW (instead of subbing SWTOR soon for a race unlock).

  • Wizards Unite – Lv 25(.75) and keeping up with dailies until recently, but only dailies, and since I’m out in the boonies dog/house sitting there’s no fortress near me, so I’m taking a break outside of daily logins. Next week it might step up and I hit 26
  • Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story: Magia Record – Behind enough that even with more events emerging, I may just take some more casual time to catch up on central storyline. The game is spamming events so often, to catch up on updates before the anime releases, that I’m certain at least almost all of them will repeat next year anyway.
  • Magikarp Splash – Lv 71 fish. The grind!
  • Mobius Final Fantasy – Yep, I think I’m putting this into hibernation again.
  • FFXV Pocket Edition –Didn’t play, but including in the list as I’ll probably try to complete a chapter while I’m bored today.
  • Another Eden – Daily logs. However! The majority of the 1.X content is out by now and I’m really feeling the burn to return to actual playing. Maybe.
  • Antihero – No progress, we were too occupied, but I’ve been pressuring my partner to play Secret World Legends with me so wish me luck that it works! ;)
  • Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls – Only Chapter 2 but I’m going intentionally slow. I’m bad at anything platforming so this is my ‘expand horizons’ mobile/gacha game.
  • Attack on Titan: Tactics – Still playing, but not caught up through the 4 story chapters yet. Close! It doesn’t take all that much time for me, so its no stress
  • Started a DDO character fresh, human paladin truthbringer or whatever its called, and claimed free content pack.

    Gaming group for PoE didn’t happen because performance was so bad, but I hear its a particular problem with the league this time.

So basically a bit of WoW, and mobile dailies, with very little push into each. Was not much into gaming this week. I’m SUPER tempted to re-up my WoW sub but it won’t happen at least this weekend as my money feels tight, I’m away to a slow-Internet place right now, and I’d rather take breather periods rather than any continuous sub.

If I have a lot more free time today, I’ll be either progressing story on my mobile games or just randomly picking out installed MMOs or whatever.

Mario Kart Tour sucks.

Malcolm Swoboda

Say hello to Sheiniah, Lv 12 Female Worgen Feral Druid!

Malcolm Swoboda

And Cat Form! Weird… wolf…man…cat… ok!