Dark Age of Camelot’s free-to-play version is ‘just around the corner’

Free players will be the endlessly ganked fourth realm


The dark age of mandatory subscriptions is almost over for one of the industry’s most famous PvP MMORPGs.

Dark Age of Camelot announced that its free-to-play edition, named “Endless Conquest,” should be coming to the game soon without much of a stop on the test server. The target window? Endless Conquest should be coming out to both servers in the latter half of October.

While free accounts can’t use housing, champion level abilities, and are limited to nine of the 21 races, Broadsword said that players should find the restrictions not too limiting considering what’s being made available for all.

“EC accounts will be able to earn max character level and realm rank, Champion and Master Levels, all end-game gear, and so much more,” the studio posted.

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Bruno Brito

Ah yes, while we already have Phoenix Freeshard as a classic DAOC server. Why would anyone go back to Broadsword with nine classes unlocked is beyond me.

Oleg Chebeneev

People tend to prefer official servers since there is less chance they gonna shut down

Frank White

Can’t see this bringing back many old players, because most of them would probably want to play their old characters, and they won’t be able to on the new servers. And what happens if they were to really get back into playing the game, would they be able to transfer those old characters to the new servers….? Or transfer the new characters to the old? Have to pay for two accounts to play them all with CP’s, etc.? And I doubt it will attract many new players because of the outdated graphics and interface and everything else. Last time I tried playing I couldn’t believe how tiny all the main cities were, everything just felt so small and limited. But heh, loved it back in the day!

Oleg Chebeneev

I dont think it will help DAoC much. Game is just too outdated.

Saxon Myers

Might have to check this out

Jake Boller

I’ve heard they are planning to launch a new server once the F2P system is in place. I’d definitely come back for that.

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Richard de Leon III

‘Free players will be the endlessly ganked fourth realm’

Aint that the truth….
If i decide to dive back into the game I’ll prolly just stick to the PVE side, rofl.

Castagere Shaikura

Wow, the memories of those days are hitting me. I will check this out. I remember the soothing ambient music in the background when playing Herberian faction.


Im so ready for this.