The Daily Grind: Which MMORPGs do you keep installed long-term, even when you’re not playing them?

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I tend to be the kind of person who keeps MMOs and other video games installed a long time, especially if I’ve gone to a lot of trouble modding them. But hard drive size hasn’t kept up with the number of games that literally cross my desktop, and I’ve started to get far more ruthless with culling the herd. New games I don’t think I’ll play again just don’t stick around.

But there are some MMOs I keep installing for years, even when I’m not playing them much. Classic Guild Wars, for example, will always have a permanent home on my machine. It’s one of eight MMOs that I’ve got installed as I type this, and each of them has been around a loooong time.

Which MMORPGs do you keep installed long-term?

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Brazen Bondar

TSW because you can’t download that any more, SWTOR, STO for what reason I don’t know. I think I still have a version of TUG on there too.


I keep Age of Conan on my computers’ disks since launch in May 2008. I rarely play it anymore but I do login daily for daily login rewards and check AA advancement of my toons.


Warcraft and Tera

Chance Shaka

I have a bunch of games on my drive even though I usually only oaky 2 or 3 regularly. But the ones I would call mainstays? SWTOR, Rift, and Champions

Oleg Chebeneev

Long list. I have 9 Tbs of space, so can afford to keep things.
I even have 6 versions of WoW installed: Retail, WoW Classic, Project Ascension, WoTLK Warmane, TBC Warmane and TauriWoW. That’ll do for any of my WoW urge


All of them lol, got about 14TB of harddrive space. The ones I don’t play regularly (besides Guild Wars, Wurm unlimited, and Ragnarok Online) I move to a one of my many slower mechanical hard drives for storage.

Jeremy Barnes

I only keep FFXIV installed permanently, but it takes me a long time to remember to uninstall any game I played

Malcolm Swoboda

Used to be RIFT, but now I just usually have it uninstalled. Now is Secret World, but if it doesn’t work out to try it again with my partner, and if all they have coming is events, then I’ll uninstall it until my next PC that’ll more stably play it on max settings (I assume).

Also Warframe, kinda Path of Exile, and somewhat Elder Scrolls Online!

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Also, uninstalling games has a strangely cathartic effect, because it trims down the number of options you have at your immediate disposal. Applies to single player games more than to MMOs, though.