Albion Online offers a closer look at its new Outlands PvP area


Oh, great! Another new video from Albion Online with Robin Henkys and what looks like the world’s most comfortable chair! Let me just open the link and… wait… who is this guy? Where’s Robin? Where’s the chair?? Worry not, Mr. Henkys (and that chair) is still present and accounted for in this video, which provides a close look at the upcoming new Outlands area and offers a number of important points of note for players of the sandbox.

At the open of the video, Henkys offered some word about items that would and would not carry over once the new Outlands update goes live. In short, items in shared bank tabs and personal banks in the Outlands should be automatically saved, but buildings, furniture, and items stored in furniture chests will not. The team is also looking at options to save guild marketplaces and laborers, but those details haven’t been ironed out yet. Expect an announcement on if and when that is possible the moment a solution is confirmed.

The rest of the video introduces us to level designer Dominik Müller, who talks us through the creation of the new Outlands map and what it offers every type of player. The new map will have a wide variety of biomes close to one another, with a broad spread of different tiers of resources all across the map. There are places in the Outlands that are a bit more dangerous (and offer a bit more valuable resources, naturally), but that doesn’t mean the only place to get them is in the more deadly zones, only that the likelihood of seeing higher tier resources is greater.

These more resource-rich areas are also the most dangerous to settle, with significantly more avenues of attack, which should ideally make those who can conquer these regions more vulnerable as a means to balance things. That doesn’t mean smaller guilds are left out, however. There are still high-quality resources in other areas of the new Outlands, and there are even options for solo explorers with safe outposts to travel to from major cities in order to perhaps pick their own place to live or map out trade routes to run.

A timeline for when this new map goes live is not available yet, but the team will make an announcement at least a month before it’s due to arrive in order for people to get themselves and their items in order.

source: YouTube
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