SWTOR shines a spotlight on the new abilities, Set Bonuses, and Tactical items of the Scoundrel and Operative


It’s been a few days since Star Wars: The Old Republic gave us a look at what Onslaught is doing to some of the MMORPG’s classes. Now it’s time for the Scoundrel and Operative classes to get their turn.

The latest update offers a look at a new ability that Scoundrels and Operatives are getting which will reset the cooldown on a variety of select healing, offensive, and defensive abilities while also jacking up their Mastery by 20% for 15 seconds. It also takes a closer look at a Set Bonus and Tactical item for each class’ individual specs, which effectively will make their poisons more poisonous, their bleeds more bloody, and their heals more… um… healy?

The game’s official Twitter also granted a distant look at the hollowed asteroid city of Mek-Sha, which is actually kind of unnerving in that the only thing keeping the cold vacuum of space away is a slowly pulsing shield. You can get a look at the location in the embed below.

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The environmental artists continue to do good work as for the rest of it… time will tell. :) lets hope Onslaught is another Shadow of Revan and not another Rise of the Hutt Cartel