Aion: Legions of War details plans to improve the starter experience, Arena sniping, and battle mechanics


Aion: Legions of War, the mobile MMORPG from the greater Aion IP, has shared a developer update full of plans to adjust several aspects of the game, including its new user experience, the Arena, and a number of battle mechanics.

According to the post, the First Time User Experience (or FTUE, an acronym which sounds like an old codger firing spit into a spitoon when read aloud) needs to see some major improvements in order to compel players to keep playing Aion: Legions of War. To that end, the devs are working on streamlining several background download sizes and processes, improving cinematics to provide a more concise story message, and working on gameplay flow, tutorial readability, and other UI changes.

The post then moves on to the problem of Arena sniping, an activity which sees players intentionally downgrading their league and sounds a lot like smurfing. The post notes that the customer service team is working on a short-term solution and that a longer-term solution should be arriving in a future patch. The post also asks Arena players to submit their feedback on what improvements they’d like to see to the mode, as that’s next in the list of things to improve after the FTUE.

Finally, the post closes out with a nod to making battle mechanics for MMO group-based gameplay — aka the Holy Trinity — operate in a single-player mobile experience. Just how that will happen will be detailed in next developer update post.

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