Project C explains the studio’s philosophy behind the in-game economy and its business model

Oh, is that all.

MMOs offering a currency pegged to real money that can also be converted back into real money aren’t particularly common, but Project C is one of those games offering to forge a link, resulting in a new post on Medium explaining the design philosophy and overall goals for the game’s economy. The Designers state that the primary goal with this system is to simultaneously promote accessibility by embracing a free-to-play model while also offering a player-driven economy that moves and fluctuates based on supply and demand.

Players will be able to buy in with the game’s single currency, but items are not meant to be structured in tiers of power, with the result being not that you simply buy the most expensive items but the right ones. You also need to have skill in using it and a network of other people to accomplish things. In other words, it’s all right that you can just drop $500 and buy whatever in the game, because there’s still more to accomplish. How well that will play out depends on implementation, of course, but you can at least read the explanation of the concept now.

Source: Medium. Cheers, Kinya!
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Raimo Kangasniemi

So it has the same model as Entropia Universe.