Trove’s Halloween events begin on PC and console as Shadow’s Eve arrives

Please tell me the kidney thing is not real.
If you thought the voxel sandbox Trove couldn’t possibly get weirder than it normally is, then you’ve clearly never seen it during the Halloween season when Shadow’s Eve descends upon the game world. And we mean that in the nicest way possible. In addition to the usual round of decorated hub and Halloween-themed craftables and the pumpkin-themed lairs spread out across the many biomes, there’s also a questline worth following.

“The Shadow’s Eve 2019 Edition will follow an Adventure chain, and you will earn one event token, the Shadowy Seal, for each step completed. The Pumpkin House in Trove’s game Hub is once more the event HQ. So keep in mind to visit it daily to be given exciting adventure quests from the event NPC’s, but also to trade your event currency at the infamous Shadowy Station. Suddenly, all the effort you have put into farming will pay off, with the possibility of crafting exclusive event mounts such as the Ethereal Explorer and Flop the Phantolphin. If you’re a collector, this is for you! Content from previous editions will be also available for crafting.”

“Small disclaimer here, if you suffer from Cucurbitophobia, or in other words, an excessive, irrational and unreasonable fear of, well, pumpkins… visit the game Hub at your own risk,” Gamigo warns. Indeed.


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