Albion Online kicks off its Allhallows event with a themed dungeon and an upcoming death race


You may not be afraid of any ghosts, but that won’t help you with Albion Online’s new Allhallows event kicking off today with the inclusion of a new thematic dungeon. Yes, it’s spooky, but your ultimate foe isn’t a ghost… it’s Bob, the sinister villain at the heart of the dungeon, a baby abandoned on a bag of pumpkin seeds when his parents were killed by gankers. Players can venture into the themed dungeon, which can spawn in any T4-T8 zone, in hopes of picking up various thematic and spooky rewards like the skeletal horse macabre.

For those who prefer to make this sort of celebration into a competition, you can take aim at the game’s upcoming death races, racing against other players in an appropriately spooky environment to win Halloween-based prizes. The first round takes place on October 29th, so get your running shoes ready. Players can also look forward to a week of doubled fame starting on November 4th, which should be a welcome addition but is slightly less spooky.


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Techno Wizard
Techno Wizard

Albion’s Halloween sure looks like a lot of fun this year.


Ug. Sounds like this is really going to be a PvP event masked as PvE in all but the T4 zones.