TERA delivers the Unmasked update to console players on October 29

Here we go again, about a year later.

Players on TERA’s console version will be taking to the skies on October 29th as the game’s Unmasked update arrives with new flying missions. A trio of new dragon mounts will be available in the game’s cash shop, two new flight-based Guardian Legion Missions will be open for hot-shot pilots, and three new BAMs are available in the headquarters of the Red Riders for players level 65 and up. Success allows players to get some brand-new masks, which is… perhaps not so much in the “unmasking” category.

Those of you who have been playing the game on desktop for a while will note that much of this is similar to last year’s Guardians of the Sky update, which should give you some idea of the gap in content between the two versions. Still, if you enjoy flying around on dragons and blasting aliens out of the sky – and who doesn’t – you should be ready for the update in just under a week’s time.


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