Fortnite throws an informational bone to Save the World fans while not writing patch notes for Battle Royale


Fortnite Save the World (aka Red-Headed Stepchild Mode) has always seemed as if it’s behind the curve in terms of attention from Epic, while Battle Royale (aka The Moneymaker) has perceptibly been the focus of most updates and details. The shoe appears to be on the other foot now as Fortnite Chapter 2’s first update arrived this week without any patch notes while Save the World is evidently getting its own weekly dev blog series.

Introducing Save the World Beats of the Week, a new weekly series of posts that will bring fans of the mode up to speed on what’s new. In this week’s post, there’s a look at a new quest line that leads to a new Outlander Hero, as well as the return of the Gravedigger assault rifle and a quick briefing on bug fixes.

As for Battle Royale, evidently it got itself an update that increased Battle Pass XP gains while introducing some known issues. If you think it’s weird that those details are linking back to Reddit and Trello, you’re not alone: Many fans of Fortnite are wondering where the patch notes are or if they’re arriving at all with now two days since the game’s update. At the time of this writing, Epic has not posted a response nor has it updated its social media or website with word on patch notes timing.

sources: official site, Reddit (1, 2) via Polygon
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Just tell me when it’s actually launching, Epic.