PlanetSide Arena is testing a Capture the Flag mode this weekend


Are you among the small number of gamers playing PlanetSide Arena over the weekend? We can appreciate if you are doing other things instead, but the multiplayer shooter is currently providing a look at a new Capture the Flag mode during a weekend test.

Described as a “more intimate PlanetSide experience,” Capture the Flag has two teams of eight squaring off in a small map (emphasis on “small”) specially designed for the mode with lanes, jump pads, tunnels, and other features to consider or exploit. The mode also features no queuing whatsoever, meaning anyone can leap into a match in-progress or form up with friends to start playing. Otherwise, it runs like any other CTF mode you’ve ever experienced in a shooter. First team to three points wins.

The test for PlanetSide Arena’s brand of CTF wraps up soon, but you can get a look at the map and the mode if you’ve missed out. As for when this mode will release in full, that’s yet to be determined, but hey, at least Daybreak hasn’t given up yet.

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