The Black Desert Online battle royale spinoff Shadow Arena places a premium on leveling your skills

It's kinda hot.

If there was any MMO on the market that could break into the battle royale genre in a big way, it would seem to be Black Desert Online. The game even had its battle royale mode in the game, but it was yanked out of the title due to rampant exploits. Now that it’s getting a standalone version in Shadow Arena, though, the title can stretch its legs a little while providing its own distinct gimmick in the form of leveling up your skills mid-match.

Developer Kwang Sam Kim explains that the mid-battle leveling introduces a new twist to the gameplay and offers advantages for anyone who can persist longer with less intuitive character, such as the ranged Herawen (who starts slow in direct combat but can survive for an extended period). Beta testing is ongoing, so it remains to be seen if this gameplay style will be enough to push the title to prominence among its peers; it is a bit different than its direct competitors just the same.

Source: VG24/7
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