Dual Universe confirms ship vs. ship combat and organizations are coming to alpha 3 in January


It’s been a busy year for Dual Universe, and 2020 looks to be just as busy if the next phase of alpha is any indicator. Novaquark CEO Jean-Christophe Baillie has shared a video that outlines some of the major features coming with the voxelbox MMO’s third alpha phase.

Phase 3 will be the first iteration of PvP, specifically construct vs. construct combat. Dual Universe will also eventually have avatar vs. avatar PvP, but the team reasoned that ship combat would be more interesting to both play and test. This means that players will get to build combat ships and blow holes in one another in real time using the game’s voxel technology. Specifics on weapon types and combat weren’t elaborated on, but Baille did confirm that PvP will first happen at specific areas in order to get feedback. Players should also bear in mind that a repair tool did not make it in to alpha 3, so build only what you don’t mind seeing blown to smithereens.

Another major feature for alpha 3 is the ability for players to form organizations aka guilds, which was actually due to come during beta but managed to come together for a first pass for alpha. Organizations will come with a number of related social features like the ability to define ownership of property and who can modify things. Alpha 3 will also offer a variety of adjustments to Dual Universe, such as the ability to see better in the dark, improved UI elements, and some visual improvements.

As for the future of Dual Universe, Baille spoke first about polishing up what’s in the game now such as new player onboarding, performance, and the features of alpha 3. Baille also brought up an end to NDA, which will come sometime between alpha and beta but not before March.

More details on January 2020’s next alpha, its features, and more will be discussed in an upcoming podcast and likely elaborated on in other ways, but for now, followers of Dual Universe can get the briefing from J.C. in the video below.

source: YouTube via press release
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