Black Desert rolls out initial succession skills on PC, Shai and Mystic on PS4


It’s succession day in Black Desert’s PC version! No, not the succession of power; the introduction of succession skills to the first batch of the game’s classes, starting with the Warrior and Ranger.

Announced back in November, succession skills are essentially a workaround for players feeling as if they needed to use awakening skills to be successful in their class. As MOP’s Carlo wrote last week in his evaluation of the Dark Knight, the dramatic shift in playstyle between the original Dark Knight and her awakened version actually ruined the class for him and forced him to change mains. Succession skills, however, allow players to return to the original weapon flavor of their characters, without sacrificing potency. Naturally, Pearl Abyss and Kakao have planned a series of events to go along with the rollout.

Over in the game’s PS4 version, Pearl Abyss has pushed out both the Shai and the Mystic class as well as new Dark Rifts. (The Shai hasn’t even been in the PC version very long, so you’re in for a treat.) “Hailing from the forests near Florin, Shai is the first support class featured in Black Desert on PlayStation 4,” the studio reminds us. “Shai utilizes new combat abilities and skill-buffs that are focused on avoiding danger and aiding her allies. On the other hand, Mystic is a powerful brawler, pummeling opponents with a variety of devastating martial-arts skills that strike fear into her foes.”

And of course, we’re still anticipating the release of Black Desert Mobile next week on December 11th!

Stay tuned for this afternoon, when we’ll be dropping our regular Desert Oasis column, this one on the Tamer’s succession.

Source: PC patch notes, PS4 press release
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blah blazh

I play this game off and on and in my limited experience, the Mystic has the best Awakening skills in the game. I don’t think I would use the succession skills of that class.

Hikari Kenzaki

Yeah, the Mystic is a class that was built entirely with Awakening in mind. Leveling is all about getting you TO the Awakening abilities. The earlier classes, Awakening was added on after the fact and there is a jarring change to many builds.

Hikari Kenzaki

I rebuilt my Ranger to be pretty tough with her original weapons a while back. The Awakened version still felt a heck of a lot more bursty, but the Ranger is just really fun as an Archer. More power for archery is always good.