Gamigo’s taking another swing at getting ArcheAge Unchained’s ArchePass live today

Gamigo’s taking another swing at getting ArcheAge Unchained’s ArchePass live today

We have a joke around the MOP offices that we are not an uptime monitor. Our site does not exist to chronicle the uptime and downtime of every MMO out there, unless that downtime rises to the level of broadly interesting and important.

This, I suppose, is why ArcheAge Unchained deserves another post, in spite of my grumbling, because everyone’s still wondering what the heck is going on over there. As we’ve been chronicling, Gamigo has been trying to work out the kinks in ArcheAge’s Unchained loyalty-system-slash-monetization-plan ArchePass since nearly the start of its launch; at first, the studio seemed intend on deflecting pay-to-win and grind, but the rework with XLGAMES caused brand-new technical problems as well as concerns about mechanics encouraging ganking of lowbies.

Last week, the system came online once again… and was almost immediately removed over “crashing issues,” prompting yet another round of compensation. Gamigo’s apparently fixed that issue, as the servers came down earlier today to reinstate ArchePass once again. As we type this, the EU servers are back up, while the NA servers are still getting their upgrade.

“The issue with the Archepass that caused servers to crash has been fixed. Following this change, the Archepass has once more been enabled. The Archepass Compensation has been removed, and Archepass Upgrade tickets have been returned to the marketplace.”

Crossing fingers for the players here.

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Richard Smith

LOL, I’ve started to contact my buddy who plays AAU on patch day. It has become a few hours of comic relief. Seems from what he is saying the “new” archepass is lagging just as the last “new” archepass did. Plus plenty of other issues with the AP quests and such.
Also said their discord is filled with reports of massive exploits.

This is so sad, I played legacy for a couple of years and enjoyed mainly because of a large guild and I like lots of stuff to do. Playing with the farming/trading aspect was good fun, but eventually the hackers/cheaters just took all the fun out of it.

Seems like AAU hasn’t changed anything, except the upfront cost…

Toy Clown

I often feel like the Gamingo team has very little experience in what they are doing. Either that, or Trion ran off with the instruction manuals!

Having said that, I do play AA:U, enjoy the gameplay, and so far there has only been one server issue EU-side and players complained about negative experience in the AA Pass, but it was figured out that character death can take the Exp quest in the AAP into negative numbers. So I guess we shouldn’t die while doing that one.


I would say this is a very good core game but has a few questionable decisions – little details you may say that ground the game from being more popular. There is also the matter, from what I understand watching streams of theirs, that every single update/fix or feature has to be developed by XL so in a way Gamigo doesnt develop and doesnt know to develop this game. They just place orders on what type of changes they need and wait for XL to deliver