ArcheAge Unchained’s ArchePass is back as XLGAMES reveals the next mega patch [Update: Aaaaaand it’s gone again]


You know what I would love to not have to type anymore? The word “ArchePass.” The loyalty system that launched with ArcheAge’s Unchained version earlier this fall has been a thorn in the side of the game, as Gamigo hastily pulled it offline and has toyed with a rework to avoid pay-to-win and excessive grind and economy messes, and then compensation for its offline nature swelled over the past few weeks.

Well, good news – we hope – for all of us, as the ArchePass is back with today’s maintenance. Gamigo says the revamp now includes the change to complete 12 missions per week with up to 6 daily rerolls of said missions.

MOP’s Sam Kash, however, notes that players are nervous about the reintroduction of the pass specifically because of the “kill 100 hostile players” part; apparently, gamers are worried that requirement will encourage ganking of lowbies.

Meanwhile, Reddit is abuzz right now with news leaking across the Pacific, as XLGAMES has dropped a ton of new info on what’s coming next to the Korean version of the game (and then, eventually, to us). The massive update is supposedly the biggest since the 3.0 update; according to translations and summaries on Reddit, it’ll feature a new “Garden” region (or server?), new main storyline, new scenario modes, new scouting dailies, more growth for crafted and dropped gear, more skill points, some sort of skill and passive rebalance, upgrades to castle structures. Garden sounds particularly interesting as it seems to change in ruleset and player make-up as it wears on. Definitely check out the patch notes translation; the Reddit did solid work here.

Source: Gamigo, Twitter, XLGAMES via Reddit
Update 2:25 PM EST
Welp, that didn’t last long: ArchePass has been disabled yet again.


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