Fractured declares its break-all-the-things stress test a mess, gleefully plans next one


It’s not often you hear MMO developers outright call their own stress test a “mess” with a cheeky grin, but hey, expect no less than absolute honesty from Fractured studio Dynamight. In this case, the mess was partly a result of just how many people showed up for the stress test.

“The Open Test Weekend revealed an amount of interest in Fractured that surprised us – and greatly contributed to the demise of the server,” the devs write in their post-mortem. “Over 4,000 new accounts were created from the day the test was announced (Wednesday) until it was closed (Saturday). Almost 13,000 characters were created during the test (belonging to ~9,000 distinct accounts). In the very moment we would open up the servers after a patch, dozens of users would try to login at the same time (RIP login server). This was exciting to watch and we look forward to what will happen during our next stress test!”

Apparently, the studio determined that a runtime component in SpatialOS that handles the game’s persistent data, along with the login server and web API, were the most troublesome elements of keeping the whole game up under the load, and that’s what it’ll be focused on for the next test. Yes, there’s another one, more than one, coming up in December or January, and potentially open to more backers this time. Go in and break stuff!

Source: Official site. Thanks, Panagiotis!

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If only they stayed with Linkrealms…

THAT was a good game and it had some awesome aesthetics. NoX vibes everywhere


These are the same people that did Linkrealms? Hmm. That was sort of a mess, due to their own fault. That doesn’t really inspire confidence. It was a cool start but never felt finished and felt like it was this perpetual beta.

I really hope that Fractured ends up being handled better. I’m not worried about the state of the game at this point in early testing, I realize they have just the basics in-game and are testing multiplayer and server code. But I hope they make better decisions than they did for Linkrealms.

Hmm I just thought of something and wanted to do a quick search.

*Brief Internet Search pause here*

It seems my suspicions were correct, that it’s not the same people but just a few of the same people? How many of the people on Fractured worked on Linkrealms? My quick search info looks like it is “some of” the same developers.


Same lead dev, he had some problems with the owner of the ip so he left and made his own studio to make another mmo. Fractured.

Linkrealms had lots of internal issues at the studio and quite a few core design flaws that made the game kinda exploitable for whom knew them.

Btw no that we’r talking about these kind of games. Where is the mmo that was supposed to come after Exanima which was intended to be a Tech-demo for it


6 years already :wtf


I’m not falling for this again. I was going to try their previous test, couldn’t get past the login. The game is a login simulator at best. They’ve created a game that works fine for 20 people at the same time, but anything beyond that makes the whole thing have a seizure and die.


Exaggerate much? Are you one of the people on their forums that has a fit about the server hiccups during stress testing?

What they’re trying to get to happen happens, and then all these ignorant people who don’t understand what testing is supposed to be about complain and whine as if they thought they were just going there to play a game.

They purposely want to buckle the servers and get info about making them survive with many people playing. When they find major issues that need correcting, they often take the play servers down (though you can still login and create characters) until the issue can be fixed.

We did our job helping to stress the servers beyond what they could handle, gave them the info they need. We aren’t there to play at this time but are just there to help them get the information they need to make the game and servers better.

I get that “Early Access” and some games releasing near complete and calling them betas have muddled what real testing actually is for some people, but this is one of the games that actually is in early testing and isn’t ready for play. If you were just going there to play and not help out, you were going there for the wrong reasons and with incorrect info. The game isn’t ready for that yet. It’s still very early in multiplayer server testing and only some very basics for a single race are in-game at this time.

There is no “trick”. There is nothing to “fall for”. They’re asking for stress test help, not to come play the game and try it out. We did our job and gave them the info they needed. Now we wait for new stress tests, if we actually are there to help them out anyway. If that is not why you are there, you should wait until the game is out of early testing. Don’t show up to a stress test and complain that we did our job correctly.

Side note: 9,000 unique accounts were trying to make and play characters on the server. A bit far from 20.

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Good stuff. Keep it up, Dynamight!