Aima Wars: Steampunk & Orcs promises a sandbox MMO full of steampunk airships and aerial combat


We’re all going to have to work through some broken English to suss this one out, friends, but it appears that a new sandbox MMO is on the horizon. One with airships, naval-style combat, and at the very least steampunk and orcs. At least there should be steampunk and orcs because Aima Wars: Steampunk & Orcs has it in the title.

The game’s Steam page invites players to join one of two factions — the Empire of People or Union of Orcs — and fly their steam-powered airship through the skies in search of the black gold of Aima or scarce resources. Along the way, players can look forward to unlocking skills, joining with guilds, and improving their settlement. Of course, players will want to stay vigilant for threats from other airships and migrating dragons.

While a firm release date is not listed on the game’s Steam page, a response to a player’s question from developer DiP Online confirms Aima Wars’ launch is this Tuesday, December 17th. We’re not sure if it will be free-to-play or at cost, but considering the studio’s previous game LuckCatchers (which looks extremely similar, by the way), it may release free-to-play. Feel free to keep your eyes on this one if you’re curious.

source: Steam, thanks to Francois for the tip!
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