Lineage 2: Revolution introduces a self-playing Offline Mode for easy hunting and conquest


So you’ve got this mobile MMO Lineage 2: Revolution installed on your phone, but you’re too busy to farm things right now. With the game’s most recent update, all the hard work of playing the game is done for you thanks to a new Offline Mode that keeps your hands free to do other things. Like hold a gaming console controller, perhaps. Or a mouse and keyboard.

Offline Mode will play the game for you for 120 minutes at base every day, which sets your character off to perform hunting and conquest duties while you do something else. Additional actions like collecting daily quest benefits, hunting benefits, item benefits, and login Diamonds can also be added to the clock at 60 minutes each, though you’ll have to purchase those features individually from the in-game store.

Once Offline Mode is engaged, the game closes on the phone, only sending push notifications when your inventory is full or you’re low on HP and MP potions. To that point, players will want to bear in mind that their characters will be chugging potions in Offline Mode, and they’ll also want to consider their PK mode setting and Soulshot activation.

The latest update has also brought other things for when you actively want to play the game, including a new 5v5 battlefield, a Snowball Battle Royale mode, Tier 4 Talismans, and the merging of several regions together. The latest patch notes are available on the game’s forums.


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Man L2R was extremely disappointing.


Might as well just give them your credit card info, let them draw money out of it when they like and they can send you a text message when you have “won.”

LULZ, gaming has gotten pretty stupid these days…..

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Not sure how much harder I can roll my eyes. OP2W? Offline Pay 2 Win.


Terrible game.

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Next tier: Game plays itself before you even download and install it. At the time you may install it you’re already maxed with all achievements so you never need to play it.