John Smedley and Scott Hartsman put out a call to help a former EverQuest II dev


This story crossed our desk with some signal boosting from John Smedley and Scott Hartsman this weekend: A little less than a year ago, former MMO dev Vanessa Barrera was sticken with grade 4 glioblastoma, a cancer of the brain, in the middle of a pregnancy. She made the decision to deliver her baby before taking on aggressive chemotherapy rather than risk harm to her child, and it actually worked – but she still suffers from paralysis on the left side of her body. Now, the medical bills and other costs are beginning to pile up.

Barrera might be a familiar name to MMO players as she was a fixture on the EverQuest II team as a community relations representative. The GoFundMe campaign for Barrera is looking to raise $50K to help with the mounting medical and after-care costs. We wish the best for Barrera and her family and hope that her fundraising will be beyond successful.

Source: GoFundMe via Twitter

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Bruno Brito

Forgive me if i’m wrong, and i’m all for charity funding, really.

But aren’t Hartsman and Smedley capable of pulling that money themselves?

Justin Bania

I wish her the absolute best of luck with the funding. Medical debt is crippling in this country, I know this personally. I truly hope people can help her out anyway they can. Every dollar counts.


I assume you mean the US?

…I think it was Glioblastoma that took our Neil Peart away from us (Canada) of late. /bleh

Justin Bania

Yeah it’s pretty terrible here in the US. I hope everything works out for her.

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Paragon Lost

It was Utakata. Three year battle that he lost. Honestly I don’t know of anyone who actually beats Glioblastoma, it tends to keep reoccurring. :/ My wife lost a good friend that she grew up with to this. It really sucks.