Elder Scrolls Online is promising viewership shenanigans for Dark Heart of Skyrim reveal event


Still curious about what precisely “Dark Heart of Skyrim” will mean for The Elder Scrolls Online? We’re still set for the big reveal this coming Thursday, January 16th, at 5:00 p.m. EST. If that isn’t reason enough to tune in, perhaps a couple of viewership incentives will be.

The confirmation post not only offered a bit more information on what and when things are going to broadcast but also lifted the veil on some free stuff coming your way if viewership numbers for the reveal event hit certain milestones. At 80K, players will get a long-winged bat pet, and at 150K viewers, creative director Rich Lambert, Bethsoft’s Pete Hines, and members of the ESO team will take part in a real-life Snow Bear Plunge in a continuation of the new tradition of making the devs do physical stuff (like get tattoos) to rake in viewers.

As for the event itself, Lambert and Hines will take the stage to reveal the next ESO chapter and the next year-long saga, and viewers are urged to tune in for pre- and post-show features that will include developer interviews and further dives into what’s on deck. Either way, there’s certainly a variety of excuses to tune in for ESO fans.


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