Elite Dangerous’ first large scale bug fixing update goes live


Most of the time, folks like to see big ticket pieces of content or new shiny things in their updates, but we suspect that Elite Dangerous players are more than happy with the focus of today’s update, which addresses a large swath of bugs and applies improvements to a variety of game systems.

The update squashes bugs on multiple fronts, from audio problems to various faction state fixes to mining and mission improvements. It also introduces several new Faction States such as droughts, natural disasters, and public holidays, and refined geological surveying tech when looking for geologic sites on planetary bodies.

This patch is the first step in a series of updates coming in the first half of the year that seek to refine Elite Dangerous as well as introduce Fleet Carriers as noted by Frontier Developments earlier this month. There are no Fleet Carriers with this update, but there sure are a whole bunch of fixes for players to look forward to today.

source: official forums. Cheers, Colin and Stuart.
You had to figure the big bug-fixing patch would have its own bugs, right? Frontier’s already set a PC hotfix for January 15th and console at some point next week.

“Thank you for your patience while we investigated some of the issues that have arisen during the January Update. We have determined the cause of the stuttering issue that players have experienced upon exiting hyperjump and we will shortly be releasing a patch to fix this. […]¬†Alongside next week’s console patch, we will also be releasing a patch for all platforms that will address a number of other high priority issues. We will have more information about what fixes will be included in this patch early next week.”

Live now:

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