ESA responds to Sony’s skipping of E3 2020, saying the show will be ‘high-energy’

Well, bye...

So if you missed the news due to it generally being shrug-worthy, it turns out that Sony has decided to skip out on E3 2020. This marks the second year of the console manufacturer not bothering with the convention, which is almost certainly not a good sign for the overall health of the show when the current market leader doesn’t feel like it’s worth bothering with after skipping out last year.

But the ESA has hit back with a statement that… well, never mentions Sony by name:

E3 is a signature event celebrating the video game industry and showcasing the people, brands and innovations redefining entertainment loved by billions of people around the world. E3 2020 will be an exciting, high-energy show featuring new experiences, partners, exhibitor spaces, activations, and programming that will entertain new and veteran attendees alike. Exhibitor interest in our new activations is gaining the attention of brands that view E3 as a key opportunity to connect with video game fans worldwide.

If you’re getting a general vibe from that akin to “no, she didn’t dump me, I dumped her,” you aren’t alone. There’s no word on the precise nature of Sony’s plans for events this year without the big show, but it seems like the company isn’t terribly worried about attracting eyes for its overall slate of announcements. The behind-the-scenes drama about who and who is not attending may be more interesting than the actual E3.

Incidentally, Microsoft will be there with bells on.

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