PWE’s new ‘MMO’ Magic Legends confirms spring beta, PC launch in 2020, console launch in 2021


Editor’s note: At 2:15 p.m. EST today, PWE sent official notice that the date given in its original press release this morning is incorrect. It has amended the statement to clarify that the PC release will be in 2020, while the console releases will be in 2021. “Magic: Legends will make its official worldwide debut on PC in 2020, Xbox One and PlayStation®4 in 2021,” the correction reads. We are updating our headline and the body of this post accordingly.

Perfect World and Cryptic dropped a trailer for Magic Legends today. The bad news is you already saw it because it’s the same one that was distributed through Gamestop’s magazine a week ago. But the good news is that there are a few shiny new details and confirmations in the associated presser.

For example, we knew the game was heading into beta this year, but now we know it’s heading into beta this spring, going head-to-head with Amazon’s New World. There’s also confirmation that the official PC launch is coming in 2021 2020, while the console launch will target 2021.

“Beta testing for Magic: Legends will kick off this spring! The first playtest will introduce two new Planeswalkers, the earth-shattering Geomancer and the psychic power-wielding Mind Mage. […] Magic: Legends will make its official worldwide debut on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in 2021.

Beta signups are still live on the official website, where PWE has also been revealing slices about locations for the game. As we’ve previously noted, the game was originally pitched to gamers in 2017 as a “free-to-play, action MMORPG” and a “next generation MMORPG,” but now the studios are calling it an “isometric action/RPG” set in an “always-online” world that “allows players to play content solo or with a group, creating a meeting point between familiar experiences like Diablo and Destiny.”

Source: Press release
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