Black Desert Guardian pre-creation has begun on PC as the Dark Knight snags succession skills


It’s patch day across Black Desert! Really, there are so many versions, it’s almost always patch day for Black Desert. Here’s what’s on deck today.

The big news is for PC, where today pre-creation for the new Guardian class begins ahead of next week’s formal launch. The Dark Knight will also pick up her succession skills – we got a peek at those in November, so we can tell you all about how that works – bolstered by the requisite Dark Knight leveling event. And if you’re more into rolling dice, the Black Spirit’s Adventure game upgrade is for you.

Meanwhile, take a peek into Black Desert Mobile, which yesterday dropped Node Wars and the Karanda world boss.

“Node War is a large-scale PvP mode that allows guilds to battle against each other and claim ownership of Nodes in Black Desert Mobile. The pre-season period for Node War has now concluded, and with the start of its first regular season, the mode is now a permanent feature. Guilds can participate in a Node War through a bidding process, where three guilds with the highest bids will be selected as participants. Participating guild members must attack the opposing guilds’ Holy Artifacts while defending their own to win. Guilds that win the Node War will take possession of the Node for seven days and receive large sums of silver collected as taxes from the areas surrounding the Node.”

Stay tuned for our regular Black Desert column this afternoon!

Source: PC patch notes, mobile press release
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