Dual Universe shows off new piloting updates coming to Alpha 3


Dual Universe’s upcoming January Alpha 3 test keeps on showing off features. This time, it’s all about piloting control, which will be seeing a number of new updates once the new alpha build goes live.

First and foremost are new control schemes using the mouse known as direct control and virtual joystick. Direct control lets players turn a ship by moving their mouse but stops moving a ship when the mouse stops, while virtual joystick works relative to the mouse cursor’s position, meaning stopping mouse movement will leave the cursor in place and keep the ship moving. Direct control is suggested for more twitch movement or ground vehicles, while the virtual joystick is suggested for larger ships.

In addition, there will be a new cruise control feature, an engineering report feature that provides diagnostic information pertinent to a construct’s performance, and a diagnostic display that provides information like direction of velocity and directions of torque and force. The update will also introduce some Lua script updates specifically for piloting. For those who are smarter about that sort of thing than I am, it’s all detailed in the post.


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